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Photo Framer

Available now in the Fitbit app gallery: Photo Framer by OziByte! Photo Framer is a clock face for displaying your favourite and loving photos with a nice frame. It displays the time in digital format, the day of week and battery level. Also the important stats: steps and heart rate. Take control with settings in

Aquatick by OziByte

Aquatick is a clock face with all the stats and info you could want! Showing the time in analog and digital, the date, day of week and battery level. Also all the stats: steps, heart rate, active minutes and calories burned. Aquatick connects to DarkSky to provide the latest up-to-date temperature. A quick glance will

Clock packs now available for purchase!

I have made available an option to purchase a ‘pack’ of clockfaces. There is a Digital Pack, an Analog Pack, a Combo Pack and an All Clocks Pack. It is more affordable to purchase several clockfaces in one pack than to purchase them individually.

Forecast by OziByte

Forecast is a customizable clock-face. Enjoy the easy-to-read time, date and battery level. You can also see the sunrise and sunset times! Also all the stats you could want: steps, heart rate and calories burned. Forecast connects to DarkSky to provide the latest up-to-date maximum temperature (or select current temperature in Settings). The weather icons

Big Time by OziByte

“Big Time” is a digital Clockface for the Fitbit Ionic and Versa developed by OziByte. The colours for the background and stats are configurable in the Fitbit app. Big Time features statistics such as: Steps, Heart-rate and Calories burned. It also has an icon for the weather in your area and the expected Maximum temperature