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OziBot – the Fitbit robot with all the weather! OziBot keeps you up to date with the latest weather information. At the bottom of the screen are your Steps, the current temperature and the date. When the Fitbit screen comes on OziBot’s face will animate the current conditions showing you the weather! The time and

Photo Framer

Available now in the Fitbit app gallery: Photo Framer by OziByte! Photo Framer is a clock face for displaying your favourite and loving photos with a nice frame. It displays the time in digital format, the day of week and battery level. Also the important stats: steps and heart rate. Take control with settings in

Cryptock by OziByte

A Cryptocurrency analog clock face featuring useful stats like steps, heart rate, and calories burned. Easily use the settings to show/hide a battery-level icon or hide the numbers around the clock! Tap into the Settings on the Fitbit app on your phone and enter your Crypto coin wallet address. It will download the QR image

Clock packs now available for purchase!

I have made available an option to purchase a ‘pack’ of clockfaces. There is a Digital Pack, an Analog Pack, a Combo Pack and an All Clocks Pack. It is more affordable to purchase several clockfaces in one pack than to purchase them individually.

Forecast by OziByte

Forecast is a customizable clock-face. Enjoy the easy-to-read time, date and battery level. You can also see the sunrise and sunset times! Also all the stats you could want: steps, heart rate and calories burned. Forecast connects to DarkSky to provide the latest up-to-date maximum temperature (or select current temperature in Settings). The weather icons