OziByte FAQ

Resolutions for Fitbit firmware issues

Note that all of the clock faces work 100%. If there’s an issue, it’s due to the connection between the watch, the phone and the cellular internet connection.

Why is the weather missing and the temperature says NaNC or NaNF?

  • The weather updates via your phone’s cellular network. If there is a signal loss or problems getting to the internet this will happen. To fix it, make sure you’re in a region with a good cellular network signal, then swipe up from the bottom of the watch to show the Today screen and press the left button to return to the clockface. It should now update the weather after a few seconds.

I get an error on my screen “Clock Error – Go to the Fitbit mobile app and try another clock”. Does this mean your clockface is faulty? I paid for it already!

Fitbit Clock Error

  • Fitbit has rolled out a new Firmware update which appears to be causing problems with clock faces. You can either reinstall the same clockface or temporarily install a different one and then reinstall the OziByte clockface. This can also occur if Fitbit servers are having issues.

The weather or Strayacoin wallet doesn’t display on my watch or Match Up settings don’t work!

  • Currently, the bluetooth connection from your phone to the Fitbit is not 100% stable. This can cause the watch and the phone accessing the weather to get out of sync. The first thing to try is swipe up from the bottom of the watch to show the Today screen and press the left button to return to the clockface. This will restart the connection to the server.
  • Other ways to fix this (and for the Strayacoin clockface) include unpairing and pairing the watch and phone or uninstalling the Fitbit app on your phone, reinstalling it and pairing again. Unfortunately as this is a firmware issue, there’s not a lot I can do.
  • Also, please make sure when you install the Clockface you enable all requested permissions. The Clockface only requests the ones it needs.

Resolutions for other issues

In my OziByte clockface, all of the “Stats” icons (Heartrate, Steps, etc) have disappeared!

  • In some OziByte clockfaces there’s a function to hide them. Tap the watch screen to make them appear/disappear.

My clock is in 24h time! How do I set it to 12h time (or vice versa)?

  • You can change this in your account on the the Fitbit website (it is a user preference there). Click on View Settings > Settings. It will show you your Personal Info. Scroll down and select CLOCK DISPLAY TIME.

The weather and temperature never change!

  • As mentioned in the app description when you installed, OziByte Clockfaces show the Maximum temperature for the day. If you wish to show the Current temperature, most Clockfaces have an option to switch this on in the Clockface Settings section on the Fitbit app.

I have installed the DarkSky app on my phone

  • You do not need to install the DarkSky app on your phone. The OziByte software connects to the DarkSky servers internally and does not use their Android/iPhone application

The OziByte Clockface is asking for payment again?

  • All OziByte Clockfaces are a One-Off Payment. If you uninstall the Clockface in order to test out another one, all of your Clockface data (not your Fitbit data) and settings are deleted by the Fitbit app. When you reinstall the OziByte app/Clockface you paid for it has no way to know you already paid. In this situation, when the link and code reappears on the Clockface simply go to the link shown and click the “Already Purchased” link and sign in with the same email address.

How do I pay for my cool and amazing OziByte Clockface?

  • Once your trial period has expired, a link will appear on the Fitbit watch with a code. Use your desktop or mobile browser and type in this link. When the webpage comes up it will ask for the code on the watch. Type it in and you can pay for your Clockface.
  • Below is a sample image of the link and code you will see for the Clockface ‘Big Weather’:

  • In this case, use your phone or computer browser (Chrome / Firefox / etc) and type in : http://kzl.io/bigw then when the page loads it will ask you for your code (in this example case the code is ‘11111’. Don’t use this code.. use the one on your watch!). Enter the code and continue to the payment page. If you purchased a different Clockface, please use that link and code instead of the example shown.

The Clockface is showing Celcius when I want to see the temperature in Fahrenheit! (or vice versa).

  • Fitbit have coded the temperature scale for your location in the Ionic’s operating system. The OziByte Clockfaces will query this setting from the Fitbit app and show the temperature scale accordingly. eg. If you live in the USA, it will show F by default. If you live in Australia, it will show C by default. You can change your location in your Profile on the Fitbit website. If it is the incorrect scale for your location, please contact Fitbit. The team at Fitbit tell me if you want to change it you can edit your Fitbit profile on their website and set the “Units” to “Feet/Inches” and it should change to F. Note this can take an hour or so to update on your watch.

There doesn’t seem to be a payment page when I type in the URL shown!

  • Please make sure you typed in http://kzl.io/ and not http://klz.io/ – Notice the l and z swapped!

My OziByte clockface is requesting internet permissions.

  • You can see how to enable them here: Internet Permissions. Alternatively, you can uninstall and reinstall the clockface and enable internet permissions.

How do I change the Settings (ie. Current weather / Battery icon / etc)?

  • In the Fitbit app select Clock Faces and you will see the currently-installed clock and a ‘gear’ icon to tap for Settings:

If your question is not answered above, please feel free to email us.

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