Cryptock by OziByte

A Cryptocurrency analog clock face featuring useful stats like steps, heart rate, and calories burned.

Cryptock Ionic

Easily use the settings to show/hide a battery-level icon or hide the numbers around the clock!

Tap into the Settings on the Fitbit app on your phone and enter your Crypto coin wallet address. It will download the QR image from the internet to your watch. Your watch will vibrate if successful.

Cryptock Versa
Cryptock Versa

Now, just tap the “QR Wallet” area on the clock face to show your wallet’s QR code. Have someone scan it with the official Crypto wallet phone app and they can send you Cryptocurrency.
How easy is that? Tap anywhere else on the watch to hide the QR code and see the clockface reappear.

Cryptock Versa
Cryptock Versa

Available now for Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa in the Fitbit app gallery!

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