Aquatick by OziByte

Aquatick is a clock face with all the stats and info you could want!

Showing the time in analog and digital, the date, day of week and battery level. Also all the stats: steps, heart rate, active minutes and calories burned.

Aquatick connects to DarkSky to provide the latest up-to-date temperature. A quick glance will let you know conditions like sunny, rainy, cloudy, foggy, and more!

The weather shown is today’s top temperature along with the next two days. You can change today’s top weather to the current weather in the Settings.

Take control with settings in the Fitbit mobile app to change the two main screen colours and clock hands. Colour coordinate with your outfit! Pick from six different icon packs for the weather.

Enable / disable any of the info on the clock face using the Settings.



















Aquatick is available now in the app gallery.


Buy Aquatick now or save money by purchasing a Clock Pack!

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