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LetsMuv watch-app
LetsMuv watch-app

With the advent of Fitness apps for smart-phones becoming more popular and new fitness wearable devices coming out each month, it’s good to see there’s an installable Pebble watch-app to cover this for Pebble enthusiasts.

LetsMuv is an interesting watch-app which monitors your steps and movements whether you are awake or asleep.  Create an account on the website and log in, then download and install the iOS or Android application on your phone.  You can use this application to install the watch-app to your Pebble smart-phone and be on your way.

Start walking or running and LetsMuv will monitor your movements and record them to send to your smart-phone and on to their website.  Below is a short explanation of how it works:

Muv is the motion unit we have created to measure movement. It is like a score that will grow as you move. The watchapp will try to upload the data to the mobile device every 10 minutes and the mobile device will upload the data to the server every hour. However if there is no mobile connection the watchapp will use persistent storage to store the data until the connection to the mobile is established. The watchapp is able to store up to 24h of data without mobile connection.

As you can see above, the screen displays your “Muvs” along with how many kCals have been burned. Pressing the bottom-right button will switch to show you your 2Km and 4Km goals.

If you choose to wear your Pebble watch overnight, LetsMuv will also track your sleep movements and create a graph of how well you slept. This is very important data if you are a light sleeper such as I am.  You could compare nights when you were drinking or over-stimulated with a night out with friends.

LetsMuv also has a built-in function to notify you if your smart-phone is out of range of your Pebble smart-watch and vibrate the Pebble to let you know. Very handy if you are in the habit of leaving your phone behind.

LetsMuv is currently in beta and has a long way to go, fine-tuning the Muvs and sleep monitoring, but it’s worth a try-out.

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